How To Select The Right Fleet Management Solution

How To Select The Right Fleet Management Solution – Find Out In 3 Easy Steps


Reading Time: 3 mins

Fleet management solutions have taken the logistics of every major industry by storm. From seamlessly integrating smart intelligence into daily operations to empowering the fleet managers to control how their assets or people move — the recent innovations in fleet management have become a blessing to many companies! There’s no exaggeration in saying that managing…

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AIS 140 Compliant Fleet Intelligent Solution2

Automate Your Fleet Management WIth FleetConnect An AIS 140 Compliant Fleet Intelligent Solution


Reading Time: 2 mins

The ecosystem of fleet management has tremendously evolved over the past couple of years. Today, various industries like coldchain, mining & infrastructure, transport & logistics, food & beverage distribution etc, are powered with IoT which has seamlessly transformed the fleet operations across all of them. However, the recent developments by the government paint an even…

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6 Tips & Tricks for effective Fleet Management!


Reading Time: 4 mins

You might own a fleet of vehicles and have the command to use them commercially for business, but how about managing them all? It is a clear fact that effective fleet management can be a grueling task. It is not a very easy task to manage a fleet and keep track of every activity of…

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How School Bus GPS Tracking System Improves Child Safety


Reading Time: 3 mins

Incident It was a usual afternoon in Himachal Pradesh. Around 45 students of a public school were going back home. The normal afternoon turned into a tragic one when the bus that was ferrying the students back home met with an accident. The bus plummeted into a 328 feet deep gorge and close to thirty…

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