AIS 140 Compliant Fleet Intelligent Solution2

Automate Your Fleet Management WIth FleetConnect An AIS 140 Compliant Fleet Intelligent Solution


Reading Time: 2 mins

The ecosystem of fleet management has tremendously evolved over the past couple of years. Today, various industries like coldchain, mining & infrastructure, transport & logistics, food & beverage distribution etc, are powered with IoT which has seamlessly transformed the fleet operations across all of them. However, the recent developments by the government paint an even…

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6 Tips & Tricks for effective Fleet Management!


Reading Time: 4 mins

You might own a fleet of vehicles and have the command to use them commercially for business, but how about managing them all? It is a clear fact that effective fleet management can be a grueling task. It is not a very easy task to manage a fleet and keep track of every activity of…

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How School Bus GPS Tracking System Improves Child Safety


Reading Time: 3 mins

Incident It was a usual afternoon in Himachal Pradesh. Around 45 students of a public school were going back home. The normal afternoon turned into a tragic one when the bus that was ferrying the students back home met with an accident. The bus plummeted into a 328 feet deep gorge and close to thirty…

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Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Vehicle Tracking System


Reading Time: 3 mins

It has long been established that tracking your fleet has tremendous benefits. While some of the obvious advantages are increased visibility and operational efficiency, a vehicle tracking solution can also have a significant impact on the turnaround time and the profitability of a firm. Even with these established gains, it is surprising that only 8-10…

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